We are all storytellers. It is what humanity does, innately, in order to make sense of the world around us. Sometimes, the story unfolds in the form of an on- or off- Broadway play… a memoir… an independent film, etc. Even corporations construct mesmerizing anecdotes in their marketing and advertising, understanding that in order to be successful they have to connect with their customers.

And out of this desire for the never-ending need to hear a new tale, The Bridge was born. The Bridge was created in order to successfully tell stories of hope and dashed dreams, of truth and lies, and of mysteries on Earth and beyond. We seek to do this not only with our own projects, but to also assist others in their desire to create. We bridge the gap between dreams—ours and yours—and reality through visionary project management, targeted marketing and promotions, and creative business development.


Kelvin Z. Phillips, PMP® 
Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer

Kelvin is an award-winning independent filmmaker, whose work has screened at numerous festivals, premiered on HBO/Cinemax, and is available on multiple screening channels online. In addition to his film work, Kelvin writes short stories, essays, and poems. Kelvin received his Bachelor of Arts in Film Directing from Howard University and Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing from New York University.



Carla L. Jackson
Co-CEO and Chief Marketing Officer

A seasoned marketing and public relations professional with over fifteen years of experience, Carla’s expertise lies with her ability to create favorable business-to-consumer relationships for clients who have included Austin’s Pro Arts Collective, Paradigm Shift, the Austin Community College Center for Public Policy, Nike, the California Wellness Foundation, the California African American Museum, On Your Feet: International Music and Dance Festival, and the Hip Hop International Dance Championship.

Carla currently is the Adminstrator of the Theatre Program at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. Previously, she served as Director of Marketing on award-winning Broadway and off-Broadway productions, including August Wilson’s Jitney and King Hedley. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Summa Cum Laude from Fordham University in New York; and her Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Management from Yale University.