Dreaming Dionysus


Dreaming Dionysus

Deon is the teenaged bi-racial son of an alcoholic college professor and his unhappy Greek-born wife. One night, on the eve of his 16th birthday, Deon is summoned in his dreams to Olympus, where he learns that he is actually Dionysus, son of Zeus, and that his real mother is an Egyptian princess named Semele.  But in order to secure his lofty place on Olympus, and prove his divinity to the nonbelievers, Deon must travel to The Underworld and rescue Semele. Dark, sexy, and violent, Dreaming Dionysus mixes mythologies and has fun with the idea that if one dreams hard enough of being a god, one can make that dream a reality.

Genre: Fantasy

The screenplay is available for consideration.

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